About Us

Asan Khana Pakana is all about redefining ‘Cooking’ for you. It is the solution of a never ending problem of preparing high quality delicious food and curtailing the eating out habits of your loved ones!. With modernized and yet simple cooking methods, you are surely in for a flavor some treat with our recipes that will surely make you the next talk of the town.

Being Pakistan’s largest recipe portal including recipes and videos, we understand your difficulty of being unable to execute that perfect dish just by going through those long recipes and ending up with something not as good as the one you see on paper. Hence, we make sure to get this covered by bringing in videos  and recipes that will help you prepare the same delicious food as you see in our website.

While we eliminate the misconception that cooking is only for ladies, we make sure we live up to our statement where we believe everyone can cook. And to add a more realistic approach towards this, we simplify cooking like never before with our modern cooking standards, and on the same hand we do this by adding fun, convenience and above all living up to your expectations of preparing high quality food with ease.

And by doing so, your family and loved ones will sure have to rethink the next time they feel like eating out. Thus  giving you a great reason to get into the kitchen and rely on “Asan Khana Pakana” while we take care of the rest.

From Appetizers to Main Course, we’ve got it all covered in our recipes. So weather it’s about preparing light lunches to some appetizing dishes, Asan Khana Pakana is the source of your trust for preparing quality food with the simplest methods.

Here, we renew the art of cooking for you by making it an entertaining activity and not just a routine duty. With new and fun tricks up our sleeves, we add more meaning to ‘Cooking’ for people of all ages! In addition, we also bring ideas that help you to add that missing charm to your cooking methods and making your kitchen a fun place to be in!

Understanding the need of the hour, we also realize the importance of your time and apply the same to our recipes. In a brief duration of less than 120 seconds, you get to prepare amazing food and that too with unmatched ease.

We value your trust in us and vow to deliver the best in meeting your expectations to assist you in preparing the finest food.

So the next time someone asks, “Aaj Khanay Mein Kya Pakay Ga?” let them know about us. Stay Connected as we bring in the best food recipes and videos that you have always craved for.