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Beef Recipes

Beef Recipes – Beef Recipes are very commonly followed in Pakistan. Since beef is the must part of our grocery, it is used every second or third day in meals in Pakistan and India. Household women are always seeking new dishes that can be cooked with Cow Meat. Common recipes of beef cooked in Pakistan are Aloo Gosht, Beef Keema, Malai Koftay, Shami Kababs and Beef Nihari.
Beef is common meat to be used in Pakistan. After chicken, beef and mutton are used in routine cooking. Often it is regular part of monthly ration and as the month starts, people buy beef for the whole month and then different dishes are cooked such as aloo keema, shami kabab, achar gosht, beef karahi, beef bryani etc. For more spicy, simple and delicious Cooking Recipes keep visiting Asan Khana Pakana.

Keema Matar Recipe

Keema Matar Recipe

  How to Make Keema Matar Recipe? Keema Matar Recipe – Keema Matar Recipe (minced meat and peas) is a frequent choice of women to cook in the meals. Keema can be made simply or with different vegetable recipes. People normally ...

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